Welcome to Day 5!

Hello Pump Up LOVERS!! 

WOW! Day 5! (Insert fog horn!!!) Please just take a minute to acknowledge the work you have done here this week! You’re taking ACTION, and that’s a big deal!

Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t do EVERY PART of the pump up perfectly—1. You are not a robot and 2. Your effort is being met with a swell of positive energy, I SWEAR! Look for it! It is carrying you towards solutions! I’m stoked for you.

In today’s PERSONAL PUMP UP video I am talking about FUN!

Because yes, tapping into our power and growing is hard work, but most importantly IT CAN BE FUN! Life, even with the hurt and hardship NEEDS FUN! Let’s dive into why:

Now, can I ask you one more FINAL thing?

I want you to think about why you decided to join this pump up. Maybe it just sounded fun! Maybe you wanted a cool worksheet.

But it was maybe something deeper.

Maybe you’re feeling restless in your life. Like you can see all this potential inside of you, but for whatever reason, you just can’t seem that potential out of you?

But look, you came, and you showed up for yourself. You took action. THAT IS HUGE! So many people don’t take the first step, and most don’t take the next. So, don’t lose this momentum! Lean in!

I want you to know you CAN get where you want to be. There IS a way to love the life you have while you create the life of your dreams. To heal from hurt and to thrive. I know because I’ve been there, in the low dark places, but today I can honestly say I LOVE my life. The good the hard, I love and ENJOY my life!

When hard stuff comes up I have the tools I need to navigate it. When I feel like crap—I know how

to come back from it. Having these tools is why I created Awesome on Demand. Because having tools I can rely on through anything eliminates all fear—because I know I can handle anything, and this makes me feel truly limitless.

I WANT THAT FOR EVERYONE! I want that for you. The world needs more people who are bold and brave and sharing their light. Yes?!

If you can see your potential (or want to) but can’t get where you want to be—I am here laying out the path for you!

We can get there, through anything, no matter what. I built Awesome on Demand so we could do this TOGETHER!

Let’s do this!

I want to be there cheering for you, and sending you pump ups of all sorts each week!


I have loved this Pump Up group SO MUCH and I hope we can keep this momentum going together! In Awesome on Demand!

If not there PLEASE come share with me on Instagram @thealisonfaulkner! I share so much good stuff there and I want you around! 

Thank you so much for spending the week with me! I’ve loved hearing from you all and learning from YOU! 

Remember, only you can be you, and you’re already as awesome as you need to be! 

Sending so much love!



OH! One more thing! Use this image to keep track of the new awesome thoughts you’ve created throughout this week!

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